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Yore+Quinty Ooh La LaWelcome to our blog. We created this blog because we love Paris and want to share that love with all of you by showing our favorite spots in the city. We’ve been travelling to Paris quite a bit lately as we feel that all beautiful things in life come together in this city: art, food, wine, fashion, architecture and love. Wandering through this city feels like stepping into a time machine. Suddenly, you can imagine Coco Chanel working in her little boutique near Place Vendôme, see Picasso taking a coffee break at Café de Flore or watch Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce hanging out with the literary in-crowd at Shakespeare & Co.

There’s much to discover in Paris, so much more than all the typical touristic highlights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysees and the Louvre. We’re not saying to skip those highlights, but through this blog we’d like to share some of the nicest places you might not have discovered yourself and which could make your weekend away in Paris… a PiPaParis weekend!

PiPaParis is a blog created for all of you going a (long) weekend away to Paris, inspiring you to discover that little bistro, that cool concept store or trendy cocktail club. Posts are categorized and our current favorites are collected under the regularly updated ‘A PiPaParis Weekend‘, providing a fun weekend program in just one click. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any comments or tips, we love hearing from our readers. Thanks for joining us on our Parisian adventure and we hope you enjoy reading our posts!

And last but not least: A little bit about ourselves….


A true monsieur, Yore secretly has an old soul. Give him a glass of whiskey, a cigar, a jazz record and a book on philosophy and you won’t hear him for the evening. His love for Paris started when he studied at the HEC Paris for his Masters and lived in the 7th arrondissement. Nowadays he gets to speak French everyday whilst traveling the world for his work as a trader. He’s the most happy drinking a strong espresso at the bar counter in an old-fashioned Parisian cafe, can’t resist a steak tartare, loves a good gin cocktail and can admire Impressionist paintings for hours and hours.


Quinty’s passion for fashion not only made her fall in love with Paris but also led her to make a career switch almost a year ago to go work for an international fashion company. Embarking on this new adventure she’s discovering her creative side more and more and can now be found sewing, knitting or learning about art & fashion. You won’t find Quinty any happier than when she sees a cat (or any other animal cute & furry), she loves spending time in (old) bookstores, could live off of fromage du chèvre and passed an international wine course with distinction!


  1. juul

    Lieve Yore en Quinty,
    Wat een feest jullie blog! Heb nu al zin in een Pipaparis weekend!
    Succes met de start van een prachtig Pipaparis- blog- leven!
    Juul xx

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