The best bookshop in Paris for art, design and fashion“. That’s quite a statement. And yet if you browse around on the internet, that’s exactly what most reviews state about Ofr. This small bookstore in the Northern Marais has everything your creative and literary mind could wish for. Not only does Ofr sell a wide array of books and the most beautiful magazines, there’s also a gallery space hosting exhibitions and events. The phrase on the front window ´Beautiful Books and Ideas´ pretty much covers it all.

You can find books on architecture, photography, fashion, graphic design, contemporary art or music. Books are piled everywhere throughout the stores, making it fun to just wander around and flip trough whichever book you come across. The exciting and varied offer combined with the gallery events has helped the boutique to reach a cult status in Paris and making it a hangout place for the creatives in town. Ofr is an essential stop for anyone who takes him/-herself the slightest bit seriously on a cultural level. And also for the ones who absolutely do not: perhaps you´ll discover a newly found interest in art and design after a visit to this store.

Ofr is around the corner of concept store and lunch place The Broken Arm. Some other Marais favorites which are close are YellowKorner, Jimmy Fairly or Le Café des Chats. And on a Sunday, you can easily combine a visit to Ofr with the best brunch in town at Derrière at 5 minutes walking distance.

Yore & Quinty

20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003
+33 142 45 72 88
Open: Monday to Sunday 10:00-20:00
Metro: Temple (3), République (3,5,8,9,11) or Filles du Calvaire (8)


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