Buvette-HeaderLast September we were in New York visiting our friend Eline, who took us to Buvette in the West Village as she knew we would love this French gem in the Big Apple. The place was so charming and the food, wine and Bloody Mary (one has to have a proper breakfast…) so delicious. On our way out we noticed an address on the glass entrance door in Paris, which turned out to have recently opened. So off we went…. to Buvette again.

It might seem a bit peculiar that the American Jody Williams opened a typical French shared dining restaurant in the capital of French cuisine, but even the difficult to please Parisians love the place! This is partly due to the food but also because Buvette is located in THE area-to-be at the moment: SoPi (South of Pigalle) in the 9th. So if you want to head on for a fun night out, you’re literally just around the corner (more on SoPi hotspots will follow soon!).

As one of the few restaurants  where you can’t make reservations, you just walk in and put your name on the chalkboard next to the door and grab a glass of wine at the bar (so don’t come in too late to avoid a long wait). The space has a very charming and informal atmosphere. All the wines served are of course French and are displayed on again a chalkboard, showing a large map of France and its wine regions. The concept is shared dining with small plates ranging from 5 to 10 euro, such as coq au vin, steak tartare or cassoulet. But the menu also holds plenty of vegetarian options such as croque forestière (wild mushroom toast) or marinated fennel with orange and honey.

We are just as enthustiastic about this place as when we tried the original one in New York. No suprise Buvette is tremendously popular with the Parisians. It’s open day-round so you can easily grab a late-morning coffee or lunch here as well. Perfect location, perfect ambience and perfect food & wine. We´d say this is really a MUST try!

Yore & Quinty

28 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 08:30-00:00
Metro: Pigalle (2) or Saint Georges (12)

Photo credit: Buvette

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