Le Cafe des Chats

Le Cafe des Chats (header)For all our readers who don’t know this yet (but most of you probably do…): I LOVE CATS! So when I first read about Le Café des Chats, I was so thrilled. A café where a dozen of cats are walking around to cuddle and to play with, wow!! The next time Yore and I went to Paris, this was obviously the first stop I wanted to make. MEOW!

I was all excited when we walked into the café. I could already see my furry friends sitting behind the window, all purring and being cute. And then the guy at the door asked: “Do you have any reservations?” Reservations? Reservations? No of course not, we’re here for just a coffee. Turns out, the place was booked fully for the entire weekend. As I was about to set in tears (almost… :D), he very kindly offered us to walk around and take some pictures for the blog, which allowed us to still go inside. I was so happy! Next time we’ll definitely go back with proper reservations and hang around a little while longer over a good cup of coffee.

Margaux Gandelon opened Le Café des Chats only 6 months ago, but the place has been such a tremendous success that a 2nd café is set to open in St. Germain this summer. The cats are adopted from the animal protection and have all been carefully selected on their sweet character. Next to some feline attention, the café offers artisanal teas, hot chocolate, cakes and brunch.

So don’t forget to make reservations, which you can do online here. You’re actually pretty close now to Jimmy Fairly and YellowKorner now if you’re ready for some shopping after a cat break.


Le Café des Chats

16 Rue Michel le Comte, 75003
Open: Every day from 12:00-22:00
Metro: Rambuteau (11)

Photo credit: Le Café des Chats


  1. Coen

    All 4 of us are cat lovers, so we made an appointment via internet (you will receive a mail) and had a lovely time with all the tigers & lions.

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