Du Pain et des Idees


France and bakeries or boulangeries are inseparably connected and Paris has over 1300 of them where you can get your very French baguette or croissant! Despite the many great bakeries in Paris, we’d like to highlight one boulangerie in particular: Du Pain et Des Idées, as all their products are amazing and the story behind it is very inspirational.

Just after Christophe Vasseur turned 30, he decided to quit his job in the fashion industry to pursue his dream of becoming a baker: he wanted to create something from start to finish with his own hands and imagination. Because he had start learning from scratch,  he worked as an apprentice for 3 years for one of the best bakers in town. This was in a traditional bakery which has been around the block already since 1889! After the apprenticeship, Christophe was ready to open up shop himself and in 2002 his dream became reality: Du Pain et des Idées was a fact.

“Parce que la boulangerie est affaire d’amour et de poési” is written on the entrance door and this philosophy is the reason why is exactly why Du Pain et des Idées won the Gault & Millau Meilleur Boulanger de Paris 2008 award. Everything in this boutique breathes passion and quality. Du Pain et des Idées has its roots in the past, but its eyes on the future which means you can find traditional specialties like the croissant as well as innovative products like pain des amis or the escargot chocolat-pistache. You are warned, because it will be very difficult to choose!

If you already start to get hungry, pay attention: Du Pain et des Idées is open only during the week, not in the weekend. So when you arrive on Friday in Paris, go straight to Du Pain et des Idées for an amazing pastry and start your weekend with a typical French treat.

Du Pain et des Idées
34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010
Open: Monday to Friday from 06:45-20:00
Metro: Jacques Bonsergent (5)


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