The Beef Club

The Beef Club (Header)Alright, after a long day strolling around Paris, it’s finally dinner time. But where to go in a city with over 40,000 restaurants?! In one of the least attractive neighborhoods for going out (very central but not too lively), just above Châtelet-Les Halles, the same guys from the Experimental Cocktail Club opened a very stylish steak restaurant in a former butcher shop.

The name reveals much of what to expect: MEAT. British meat! Huh?!? Do the chauvinistic French put something on their plate what hasn´t touched ground in the best country of the world? Well yes! In a French TV documentary by Anthony Orliange called Global Steak (2010), they cross the globe to find the perfect piece of meat before ending up in the UK at Tim Wilson: owner of the London-based Ginger Pig butcher shops. The Beef Club imports Wilson´s Yorkshire beef and dry-ages it for a minimum of five weeks, resulting in some very fine steak.

Getting hungry already? The menu offers several tasteful starters, but we already had quite a lunch and were hungry for meat. So, we skipped starters and went straight to the mains. As plats you can choose the part of the cow you like and the romantic carnivores even can share a 1kg Côte de Boeuf!  If you’re not in for steak, you can pick the beef burger, which is not cheap at €23 but looked delicious at our neighbors plate. Quinty went for the Filet de Boeuf and I couldn’t resist the Entrecôte, and I have to admit: Best steak EVER! After a great steak, we were in doubt whether or not to have dessert, but we the waiter insisted us to share a profiterole au singulier. Although I’m more of a cheese aficionado myself, the sweet profiterole with warm chocolate is really delicious. All in all, not the cheapest dinner but certainly worth every penny… eh euro!


ps. Go have a look at the underground speakeasy cocktailbar, Le Ballroom du Beef Club, after finishing your dinner!

The Beef Club
58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001
Open: Every day from 19:00 to 02:00, Sundays open for brunch
Metro: Les Halles (4)


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