Merci-HEADERMerci is a must-visit concept store in the heart of the Marais which we really love. At Merci you can find everything from fashion to books, furniture, household products and stationery. We can easily walk around here for hours wanting to buy all the beautiful design items in this store.

You enter through a small courtyard with a vintage red Fiat 500 standing at the side. The store itself is very spacious and light and feels a bit like a loft. Personally, I really liked the Merci notebooks as a souvenir and the tons of choice in washi tape (you can never have enough colors right?). The deliciously smelling Aesop products are also sold here, also my all-star favorite the Mandarin Rind – Rosemary Leaf – Cedarwood Atlas hand balm. What makes the store even more special is the founders’ generosity of donating the store’s profit to charities. Even if you’re not in a spendin’ kinda mood, walking around here is already a treat on its own.

There’s also an amazing book café where you can roam through the more than 10,000 books that the library has to offer over a cup of coffee or a quick lunch. Another option is to  grab a more substantial bite at the adjoining Cinema Café or Merci Canteen, offering healthy lunches with a view onto a small garden. From here, you can easily continue your shopping spree in the Marais! We’re 100% sure you’ll love it!


111 Rue Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003
Open: Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 19:00, Sunday closed
Metro: Saint Sébastien Froissard

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