Experimental Cocktail Club

Experimental-HEADERWith a Chesterfield sofa and a piano standing in the room, the Experimental Cocktail Club just breathes that speakeasy vibe once you enter this bar. Cocktailbars have become increasingly popular in Paris lately and at Experimental, this is where the craze started. Opened by three Frenchmen in 2007, the bar is standing at the beginning of their cocktail empire called ECC including Le Ballroom du Beef Club, Prescription Cocktail Club and Curio Parlor (we’ll definetely come with a post on the other bars as well once tested!). Even though Experimental has been around for a couple of years, it’s still immensely popular with the young crowd on weekend evenings, making it a great place to start your evening.

Be prepared for some serious mixology. I was very surprised – perhaps at first a bit unpleasantly suprised – when the bartender cracked an egg above my glass to pour the eggwhite in. OK… Raw eggs… Interesting… Then some liquor, lime, red chili, some other interesting spices and then the shaking started. What came out was such a delicious creamy, fresh and spicy cocktail full of complex flavors which I’ve never tasted before in a cocktail. My surprise was instantly turned into a very delightful one!

We stayed for a couple of cocktails more during which the joint was getting more and more packed with a mix of students (with their typical Parisian navy look with nerdy glasses), hipsters and other party loving peeps. The later it gets, the louder the music is being turned up by the DJ, playing on his spinning table next to the piano. A very good party vibe, where you can even make a few moves yourself before heading out to a club for some serious dancing (or to bed if you want to make something out of your next morning in Paris :D).

Experimental is located in the 2nd arrondissement close to Centre Pompidou, a bit off the regular track in terms of going out. If you want to grab dinner close by before getting a cocktail, try Derrière or The Beef Club, which are both at walking distance. Have fun!


Experimental Cocktail Club
27 Rue St-Saveur, 75002
Open: Monday to Thursday 19:00-02:00, Friday and Saturday 19:00-04:00
Metro: Étienne-Marcel (4)

Photo credit: Experimental Cocktail Club

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