Derriere (header)Parisians love to brunch on Sunday’s and they definitely know how to! Our all-time favorite is Derrière in the north of the Marais. Having brunch is a great way to start your Sunday in super relaxing way. Paris wakes up rather slowly on this last day of the week and most part of the city will be closed and even if it is open, it won’t be before 13:00. So why not start slowly yourself as well before you head out sightseeing or shopping?

The ambiance at Derrière is very laid back and because of all the different rooms created (and beds actually standing in some of the rooms!) it feels rather homey. We sat at a table upstairs in the ‘bedroom’ which was full with retro furniture and old-school electronics.

And the food…. the FOOD! I’ve never seen such a huge buffet of all yummy stuff before: fresh fruits, cakes, bread, French cheeses, fresh juices. It’s all there! And the best thing is, the buffet is ‘just’ the appetizer (or dessert if you want). It’s a 3-course brunch with some amazing options to choose from such as homemade terrine, organic salmon steak or – if you want to keep it light and veggie – grated black carrots with coriander and maple syrup.

The first time we arrived at Derrière, we didn’t make a reservation and were left disappointed (and hungry…), forced to turnaround and make our exit without getting the chance to even touch the deliciously looking buffet. On our next trip to Paris, we had to brunch at Derrière, no matter what! This time we were wise to make a reservation. You can book either one of the two time slots:  12:00 or 14:30. So make sure to book upfront! We have to admit, brunch doesn’t come very cheap at €35, but you will get for a starter, main course, a fruit juice, a hot drink AND a full table of fruits, pastries and cheeses it’s definitely worth it! The food is really great, but make sure not to overeat at the buffet because the rest of the menu is too delicious to pass.

Yore & Quinty

p.s. Derrière has a little secret: Walk up to the first floor, turn left, open the door behind the mirrored cupboard check out what’s behind!

Getting hungry already? You can make your reservation here at Derrière (max. 1 week in advance)

69 rue des Gravilliers 75006
Open every day! Sunday brunch 12:00-16:00, Dinner 20:00-23:00
Metro: Line 3 & 11 to Arts et Metiers or Line 3 & 4 to Reaumur-Sebastopol

Photo credit: Derrière


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