Chez Janou

Chez Janou (Header)When you think of a typical French bistro, Chez Janou is the place you might have in mind: a crowded establishment with red velours chairs where you almost share a table with your neighbors, waiters  running around, a daily varying menu on a chalkboard and every inch on the wall covered with old French illustrations. One thing that’s not typically French is the friendly waiters who are actually making jokes all the time!

Chez Janou is a Provençal bistro restaurant open for both lunch and dinner. We usually prefer to go for a late lunch here after having walked around in the Marais on Sunday. The menu offers dishes and wines from the Provençe and over 80 different types of Pastis are served! Quinty’s favorite starter is the petit chèvre roti au romarin and Yore can’t resist the magret de canard as a main. And if you’re also up for a dessert, try the homemade mousse au chocolat which is served from a large bowl and scooped onto your plate until you say stop! We’ve already sent over a dozen of friends & family to Chez Janou and everybody returns with nothing than excitement about this place, so this little gem behind Place de Vosges is really a must go!

Quinty & Yore

Chez Janou
2 rue Roger Verlomme, 75003
Open: Monday till Sunday from 12:00-16:00 & 19:00-24:00
Metro: Bastille or Chemin Vert

Photo credit: Roboppy


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